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The Matthew Ministry Guiding Principles

These are the principles of our ministry.

Many times we feel stuck in a negative emotional or behavioral pattern and cannot seem to exercise control over it. Our experience tells us the behavior is connected to a previously unresolved experience.

Personal Story – Shelly has quit several jobs she liked because, "Even though I got good reviews at work, once my boss said something I thought was critical, I felt like I wasn’t good enough, just like with my dad.”

Once we receive freedom in our earlier experiences it becomes easier to control our current emotions and behavior.


Personal Story – Once Shelly got freedom from the belief that she wasn’t good enough because she couldn’t perform to her dad’s high standard she was more able to say “no” today and less likely to work herself to the point of burnout to keep from feeling ‘I’m not good enough.”


Most people cannot read this and believe it.  We were made in God’s image and likeness.  We are not ‘broken’, but most of us believe we are.

Our life experiences taught us we are damaged or broken.  That is a lie, but many of us believe it to be true.  We live like that.

We are not broken.  We are made in God’s image.  We need the truth of who we are in Christ.

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