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So Now What?

If we are ready to accept that we believe lies we can begin to heal.  As we become open to the idea of being freed from painful beliefs about ourselves, we will experience different thoughts and feelings that will block our efforts.  We may start to think that “I should leave my past in the past.”  We may also think and feel that facing our past is too overwhelming and it’s better to leave it alone.  At some point everyone experiences these objections.  The first one, 'that we should leave the past in the past', is another form of deception.  The reality is that if we could leave the past behind us and it didn’t bother us, it would not affect us today, but it does.  As for thinking our past is too big or overwhelming, this comes from the fact that most of the abuse/neglect happened to us when we were young and dependent on the adults in our lives

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