What We Offer

Personal Prayer Ministry

Personal Prayer Ministry is private prayer time with our team.  A session can last for 1 to 2.5 hours.  Sessions are usually held in Tripp, SD. 

Weekend Healing Retreats

Our healing retreats are usually held in a retreat center or a parish.  It consisits of several presentations, personal ministry, private prayer time and lots of questions and answers.  Our goal is after having attended this retreat people have a tool they can easily use in thier everyday life to help them continue the journey seeking healing and freedom in Christ.

Information and Healing Weekends

This event was designed for a parish setting where people come together for one evening.  They have the opportunity to listen, learn and participate in a presentation that explains to them what happens to us and why we 'do what we do'.  The presenation is usually given on a evening.  The next day/s are filled with individual private prayer ministry by appointment. 

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