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How Does Jesus Heal Our False  Beliefs/Misperseptions?

The truth is that we have already lived through everything that has happened to us and survived. Since we lived through the painful experiences the first time, we can go back through them as adults and let Jesus heal us of the misperceptions that trouble us. However, we don’t have to face the painful memories alone. Jesus, through his Power, Grace and Strength will help us go to places we didn’t think we could. In Matthew 13, Jesus outlines a promise to all of us when he states that those that have eyes, let them see, those that have ears, let them hear, understand in your heart and turn, and Jesus promised to heal us. Jesus also assures us to “know the truth and the truth will make you free.” If we will tell the truth about what happened to us and what it meant to us and how this left us feeling without holding back for fear of being disloyal or somehow un-Christian, Jesus said, “"I would heal them."”

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