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Self Ministry Guidelines

Always Invite Jesus Into Your Time Of Prayer


  1. Identify a behavior in myself I don’t like – not being assertive, quick anger response, not being able to say no.

  2. How do I feel and what do I believe that makes me act like this?  For example, if I say “No” people will get mad at me.  If I do not work all the time, I have no value, etc.  Once I connect with my beliefs I will always experience feelings unless I hesitate.  If I have trouble connecting with my feelings look for internal hesitations or resistance to feeling my pain.   Things like’ it’s too big:  I will be overwhelmed etc.   Question; “Lord, what do you want me to know about _______?”  Repeat as necessary.

  3. What did I experience that makes me believe this?  Where is this coming from (root/source)? There may be more than one experience.  Once we feel (smoke) it always takes us to the source (fire) unless we hesitate or resist going there.  Look for the hesitation again and take that to Jesus.  Question; “Lord, what is your perspective about _______________?”  Repeat as necessary.

  4. Let the Lord show you what it is connected to.

  5. Once I get to the source/sources ask the Lord for his perspective about my beliefs; I’m bad, it’s my fault, I’m all alone, etc.  The Lord will always bring healing unless we hesitate to hear from him.  For example:  it’s too bad, he’s tired of hearing from me, I don’t deserve his healing etc.  Take the hesitation/s to him.  Ask him what his perspective is about my belief/s.  Repeat as necessary.  I know I am finished when my lies no longer feel true.

  6. Repeat steps as needed

  7. Special note on anger – if I am angry because of what happened to me and I want to let go of it, but can’t, ask myself, “What do I believe that makes me hesitate?”  Things like: they will get away with it, what happened won’t matter, I won’t matter, they will do it again etc.   Take this to Jesus for his perspective.  Repeat as needed.

  8. Sadness or loss – we can cast all of our burdens on Jesus.  Look for hesitation, “What do I believe will happen if I let go of my sadness?”  Things like: I will forget them, they did not matter, etc.  Take that to Jesus for his perspective.  Repeat as needed.

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